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Welcome to We are at a mission to better the Medical Records Management of the citizens of our country.

During emergencies, Most of the people find it very difficult to access the old prescriptions, X-Ray Reports, ECG Reports, MRI Scan Reports and Blood Reports etc. Most of the times theses records get misplaced in the home or the pages becomes brittle and they simply get lost for ever.

We will Help you to Digitize your medical records. This Digitized Collection of your Medical Records in Known as EHR ( Electronic Health Records ). Please Sign up for FREE and upload your Medical Records to help us to Create a Comprehensive EHR for you.

You can send us your medical records like X-Rays, ECGs, MRIs, prescriptions, Medication History, Lab reports, Radiology Reports, surgery details, Hospitalization Records with Discharge summery and much more.

We at will collect and maintain all your Medical records on our server and provide you a page like Facebook. You can send the link of that page to any doctor or hospital you want. Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SAMPLE EHR.

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Healthcare Bangla EHR

All-in-one electronic health records solution.


Health Records

Store, report and share your own health records eg. X-Rays, ECGs, MRIs, solutions and significantly more.

Health Charts

Completely adjustable diagrams: Monitor any of your health parameters utilizing our completely adaptable graphs.

Medical Emergency

Access it in the midst of an emergency, by locating any Doctor , Medicine shop or Hospital with 2 km from your location.


Your records are put away on world's most secure and most progressive distributed storage.

Digitize your medical reports

Our team of experts will digitize your medical reports in 24 hours.

Share your EHR

Safely share your health records to your family or your specialist/doctor anyplace on the planet, and have Video Call with them.

Features of Healthcarebangla App

Get Your EHR Done

Please get your self registered with us and allow us to create a comprehensive Electronic health record for you. You can record your vitals at any point of time and that reflected into your EHR.

Send your EHR to a doctor

You can SMS or EMAIL the link of your EHR to any doctor. The doctor can see your reports instantly and get back to you.

Have a video chat with doctor.

While the doctor is reading your EHR, you can have a Video chat with the doctor and tell him more about your condition.

Get instant notification from the doctor.

You can get instant notification from the doctor just after the finishes viewing your EHR. This could save lot of lives in the critical situations.

Find a Doctor

The App has a unique feature for locating any Doctor , Medicine shop or Hospital with 2 km from your location and displays them on the Google map. It will provide you their address and phone number so that you instantly connect with them in Emergency.

Baby Care

You can record all the vaccination records and the growth parameters of your baby and keep them on finger tips

Our Team

Sourabh Ghosh

Operations Manager

Highly accomplished Tech Lead / Project Manager. Experience with Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Specializes in Android SDK , Java , J2ME , PHP , SOAP , WEBSERVICES MYSQL , Oracle 9i.

Surajit Kundu

Assistant Manager (Sales)

Head of the sales team with five years experience in health care industry has worked in large projects with an expertise in HIPPA, HL7 and ICD-10. Specialized in Electronic Health Records and e-prescriptions.

Soumen Basak

Customer Relationship Manager

Extremely energetic helpful and a direct point of contacts to all the customers has a brilliant record in Health Care customer relationship management. Specializes in mobile technology document archiving and the digitization process.

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Download our app and keep your health records on your fingertips. You can upload various test results, send your EHR to the doctor and get notifications from the doctor instantly.


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